BSides London 2017 Challenge LAB

06.06.2017 by

Hacker House are community sponsors at this year’s BSides London 2017 and, to celebrate, we have an exploit challenge for you. A key date in the UK security scene, it offers an alternative technical conference for the hackers and tech geeks to learn and share war stories. We are providing a challenge lab designed especially for the conference that attendees can sink their disassemblers into. If you aren’t at the event, you can also hack along with us at home, but remember that prizes for solutions can only be claimed during the event! The challenge is provided in an ISO format which you can boot in VirtualBox or any similar software, you could even run it on an ATM if you like, but this is unsupported. If you solve our little brain teasing conundrums and beat the system to get root, the first three successful solutions presented to us can claim one of our awesome hoodies, check them out in our shop! This challenge is open to individuals, but if you do decide to team up, then let us know as only one prize can be claimed per solution. We are also giving away several t-shirts during the raffle so make sure you get your tickets!

Our challenge tests your elite hacking skills and requires web application, reverse engineering, cryptography and basic exploit abilities. It shouldn’t take the competent skilled hacker too much time, but if you do struggle then watch our social media during the event for some tips to this adventure. You should run the challenge in Host-Only networking mode and on successful boot you will be presented with a console, similar to the one shown at the end of this post. You should solve the challenge from a network perspective, although if you attack it a different way we can’t stop you!

The goal of the challenge is to hack the ISO, level up your skills and get root, come to our stand and show us how if you want to claim your prize! If you are struggling with the configuration of our challenge, you can check out our training course free module, which details steps for configuring a similar lab. You can find details on our website for our online training and upcoming course dates. Happy hacking and remember sharing is caring so tweet us @myhackerhouse or email your solution and let us know about it after the event. May the force be with you, young padawan, and remember that hacking isn’t just a skill – it’s a survival trade.

Download the challenge LAB!

Hint rafts.txt is a popular thing, so popular you might want to run it again!