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20.09.2018 by

We have reorganised and updated the Hacker House exploits and code archive, giving the team opportunity to review how we publish our R&D output. Our teams publicly released prior works are archived under the “c0dez” tab. We have written and published a number of tools and exploits for system explorers out there to share our understanding of computer security issues. There you will find exploits, write-ups and other computer intricacies discovered or explored by Hacker House for technical audiences. You may like “rebirth” our non-intrusive Apple IOS 11.4.x jailbreak tool using mptcp. We also covertly snuck Luna our AX.25 powered APRS backdoor shell here (used to tunnel a shell over APRS, yes it works via satellite link!). A number of our previously published labs exploitation demonstrations are linked below.

* RedStar OS 3.0: Naenara Web Browser Remote Arbitrary Command Injection
* Naenara Browser 3.5 exploit (JACKRABBIT)
* TorBrowser decloak with WMV prompt bypass
Shadow Brokers leaks
BSides London 2017 challenge ISO
* GNS-3 local privilege escalation 0day
* Trendmicro IWSVA shellshock 0day
* ASUS B1M projector remote root 0day
Windows 10S Ransomware Proof Computer Hacked
* A Blockchain Quest – COINFESTUK2018

Our team are currently working hard on developing solutions to push innovation in cyber security and a key part of this involves how best to provide knowledge and education through publication of our research. All our prior published work is now licensed under a creative commons license (where applicable).