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We provide technical resources to assist companies in understanding the complex cyber threat theatre. From computer hacking, electronic surveillance, counter measures, espionage, exploits and malicious code. Our team of expert hackers provide a unique insight into the mind of your adversary so you can better defend your networks against modern threats.

Our Story Our Story

Our company started as a series of community "Hack That" events, hackathons working on cyber security issues organised by founder Jennifer Arcuri. Joined by Co-Founder Matthew Hickey in 2016 the company began offering professional services and training to assist organisations with cyber security issues. We work on a solutions driven approach to cyber security challenges to help organisations understand the risks facing them today. Our company culture embodies the hacker spirit and we push for innovation in everything we do. +more

Hacker House uses understanding of adversarial thinking to help explain the threats facing your infrastructure and smart devices. We teach and leverage the tools, tactics, techniques and mindset of adversaries to perform capabilities assessments and training. Our approach to cyber security problems involves structured bespoke engagements to address complex challenges faced by organisations in the real-world. Hacking is our craft and our bailiwick, we help you make sense of cyber. -less

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    Founder & Director

    Launched in fall of 2016, Hacker House is a team of computer hackers who strive for innovation within the information security industry. We champion cyber skills and training to encourage security as an every day utility to our digitally connected world. Jennifer is an advisor to Hackers and Founders in Silicon Valley, alongside Founders for Schools across the UK. In June 2015, she also launched the Cyber Security group, Cyber TLA, as part of Tech London Advocates Group, and is a certified ethical hacker herself. +more

    Also founder of PinkSheet Database, the official database of professional women. The list features women who consider themselves an expert in their chosen field. By establishing this unique network of women, Pinksheet serves to optimize women’s voices for speaking events and media. She hosts monthly dinners with the women of tech London and is an advocate for women all around the world to develop technology skills. Her entrepreneurial career began in California in digital distribution, technology, and film production. She sold a video streaming platform in 2009 as well as produced “La Valise”, a short film sold at the Cannes Film Festival. -less



    Co-Founder & Director

    Matthew is a hacker and cyber security expert. Matthew has been providing commercially led security testing engagements for over 10 years. Having obtained a variety of CESG CHECK and CREST certifications during his career. He has been highly-sought to lead long-term engagements that accurately reflect real-world security challenges, simulating attacks on global and high-risk environments. +more

    Predominantly he specialises in offence security testing, highlighting vulnerabilities leveraged by malicious attacker’s so that appropriate remediation can be sought and implemented. Matthew develops exploits and security tools for use in bespoke testing engagements. Matthew has researched and presented on security weaknesses in embedded systems, cryptography, offence security technologies and mobility solutions such as GSM and RF (radio). During his computer security research he has published a wide-range of offence security testing tools and information to assist in protecting digital systems from cyber threats. Matthew is highly passionate about computer security and matters of privacy not just within corporate environments and has volunteered and spoken at events such as London’s first CryptoParties and CryptoFestival. These events were intended to bring security and operational security practices to at-risk individuals such as journalists, human rights volunteers, people living in or visiting oppressive societies & countries as well as the general public. -less



    Lead Hacker

    Michael is a hacker and cyber security expert with a broad range of experience in the commercial cyber security arena. A talent for modding computer games at a young age grew into a full-blown hacking hobby, which turned professional in 2011. +more

    He loves to share his passion for using and abusing technology with others and has mentored many newcomers. He has strong interest in Radio communications, with extensive work in both drone technologies and wireless communications. He has designed a drone system for mapping out wireless networks, and likes to dabble with Software Defined Radio as well as occasionally eavesdropping on the odd satellite. -less

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    Agile Hacker

    As our business involves security related matters, not all of our affiliates, associates, ad-hoc and agile employees can be represented here. Their work often means a necessity to maintain a low internet presence. +more

    The cookie monster doesn’t work for us, but I am sure it would be awesome if he did. This place holder is a dedication to all our ad-hoc team members – from developers, designers, advisors, hacking friends and associates. Thank you to all of our masked avengers. -less

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    We are a fast-growing and exciting company operating in a field with very niche skills, if you feel this might be an environment for you - get in touch.