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Hacker House is a team of computer hackers seeking innovation within the information security industry. Hacker House provides offense security solutions so you can understand the real-world risks that impact on your business. Hacker House teaches you what hackers can learn about your business and systems so that preventative solutions to protect your assets can be applied through active measures. Hacker House seek to protect consumers, businesses and corporations through innovative thinking, an agile workforce and bleeding edge technology.

Our Story Our Story

Our goal is to innovate the industry we work in, delivering top tier professional services and enhancing knowledge of cyber security issues. Our award-winning training can help your teams skill up and scale in the evolving cyber world. Our professional services can help proactively prevent breaches by identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in applications and technology before it is exploited by an adversary. We are hacking experts who can provide a valuable insight into the vulnerabilities you face. Hacking is our craft and our bailiwick, let our team help you make sense of cyber. +more

Hacker House began as a series of “Hack That” nights and events organised by founder Jennifer Arcuri. Community led events that engaged with talented computer hackers to work on cyber security problems, applying the maker movement approach. The business grew into a professional services and training company assisting those trying to understand cyber security threats. Hacker House uses applied hacking, empowering businesses and companies with hacking knowledge to drive improvements in cyber security. We help you understand adversarial thinking and demonstrate risks from cyber to your organisation. We embody the rebellious hacker spirit in everything we do. It’s how we innovate and push boundaries of systems to understand the limits of their design. We have a proven history of demonstrating weaknesses across numerous industries, including disclosure of several zero-day vulnerabilities. We invite you to think differently about how you solve your companies cyber security issues and leverage the power of hackers to help. -less

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    CEO & Founder

    In 2012, Jennifer founded one of London’s leading tech conferences, The Innotech Summit, a high profile event series which brought together key policy makers, corporations, and startups to bridge the gap between legislation and innovative technology. In 2014-2015, the Innotech Network specialised in a series of events around information security and the need for cyber skill. +more

    It brought together law enforcement and influential leaders from the Prime Ministers office, Department of Culture and Media, Metropolitan Police for the City of London, Ministry of Defence, and the National Crimes Agency. These events, as well as the community movement of hackers in a house, lead to one of the strongest ethical hacking campaigns in the UK for the endorsement of educating and teaching ethical hacking skills. Her work became most popular during her Tedx Talk in Liverpool “Why ethical hacking is important in a 21st century” which helped encourage policy in the UK around education and cyber skills advocacy in the classroom. Jennifer was also an integral part of various skills campaigns across the UK including speaking in classrooms across London surrounding the issues of cyber bullying, what to do in case of a security breach, and children’s safety online. Through her efforts in legislation, events, and security, Jennifer started Hacker House as a community of hackers in east London in 2014. -less



    Co-Founder, Director.

    Matthew is a professional hacker with over 15 years experience providing security services to a global client base. He is widely-known for his research on vulnerabilities in North Korea, exploiting the late Prime Minister of Singapore's code and his hacking of Microsoft's “ransomware-proof" computer during 2017. +more

    Matthew’s research on exploits powering the WannaCry ransomware, NSA leaks, and Shadow Brokers in 2017 were published to an audience of over 500 million. He is an expert in his field and is highly sought after, to lead long-term engagements that accurately reflect real-world security challenges, simulating attacks on global and high-risk environments. -less

  • Jim Mac

    Jim Mac

    Hacker & Technical Writer

    Jim is a fully qualified teacher in the UK, and has taught Computing to students aged from 8 years old, to 18 years old, in primary and secondary schools. He started to learn programming in Pascal at a young age. +more

    He has developed software solutions for a number of businesses, his current passion and focus is web application security and he is also involved with Hacker House training projects, writing content and ensuring that our training meets the expected professional standards of an educator. -less

  • Ghandi El-Chamaa

    Ghandi El-Chamaa

    Head of video content

    Primarily a filmmaker, Ghandi also lends this skill to making Hackers look good in the face of the general bad light that’s shined on them. Ghandi has worked with Hacker House since its inception and pretends to understand the difference between a URL and DNS +more

    although the team know better. However, his ability with media editing and video production is why he works amongst us making our hackers presentable. Ghandi is a seasoned Producer and Director with over 10 years in the industry creating award winning work. -less

  • Louis Whittal

    Louis Whittal

    UX designer

    Louis holds a Masters’ in Marketing and Computer Science and has been working on the Hacker House graphics for many years. His experience includes digital marketing, visual and user experience design and front-end development. +more

    He spent his teenage years tinkering with hardware and his coding abilities focus on hacking visuals instead of memory allocations. However he has a keen interest in the cyber security sphere and its impact on world geopolitics. -less



    Agile Hacker

    Due to the nature of our work not all of our team could be listed here. The cookie monster doesn't work for us, but it would be great if he did! +more

    Thank you to all our masked avengers who work tirelessly to support us and for all the hard work on coding, designs, assignments and hacking adventures! -less

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