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Hands-on Hacking™

Learn practical ethical hacking skills online with Hacker House

$ 550 $ 990

*Price not inclusive of taxes

Exclusive forum access

Exclusive forum access

  • Ask questions and get help from alumni community and Hacker House staff.
  • Latest access on upcoming news, extra challenges, tips and exclusive content.
Learn at your own pace

Learn at your own pace

  • High quality instructional videos and comprehensive course materials.
  • Learn everything you need to make your next career move in cyber security.
Download Labs

Download Labs

  • Every module includes extensive downloadable content, code and labs.
  • Set up your own virtual playground, continuous learning after you've finished the course.

12 Module Course

  1. Ethics & Legalities

    Ethics & Legalities

  2. Open-Source Intelligence

    Open-Source Intelligence

  3. DNS & Domain Hacking

    DNS & Domain Hacking

  4. E-Mail attacks & Mail infrastructure

    E-Mail attacks & Mail infrastructure

  5. Web Server Hacking

    Web Server Hacking

  6. VPN Attacks

    VPN Attacks

  7. File Servers & Internal Attacks

    File Servers & Internal Attacks

  8. UNIX Server Infrastructure

    UNIX Server Infrastructure

  9. Databases


  10. Web Application Assessments

    Web Application Assessments

  11. Windows Enterprise Environments

    Windows Enterprise Environments

  12. Art of Password Cracking

    Art of Password Cracking

More details

  • Intro & Prerequisites
  • Hands-On Hacking Syllabus

Introductory offer

The Hands-on Hacking™ platform launched in April 2019 and our book Hands-on Hacking published in August 2020. We are offering a special discounted rate on our training and our biggest ever savings to get access to our practical on-demand training portal! Don't miss out on these great savings!


  • Community forum: Engage and meet other students, connect with them in real time.
  • 12 x Module Hands-on Hacking™ Course
  • Hands-on Hacking™ 1 x Quiz Attempt (Optional: Certificate)
  • Early bird access to future advanced courses & additional content
  • Access to Employer portal to network with future prospects
  • Exclusive Invites to CTF's and other Hacker House releases.
  • Exclusive Limited Invites to Hacker House event series in Los Angeles 2019

12 Module Course

$ 550 $ 990

*Price not inclusive of taxes

Camelia Enderby, NYC Alumni
I have been one of the fortunate people that have had the privilege to attend one of the amazing courses from Hacker House. Coming from a solution and development background I found the course fascinating. The course is run from an ethical hacker psych point which brings in a complete new view of all known security practices (!). The course is hands on and with the wonderful assistance of Mathew, Dragos and Jennifer (every step of the way) by the end of the course your technical comprehension will increase exponentially. I personally left the course with the knowledge that all the best practices I have employed over the years were not sufficient and any new solutions that I will build will take in consideration all the learning from this course. So if your interest is in penetration testing and/or security this course is a necessity if your interest is in development/networks than this course is an eye opening, either way I think this course is beneficial across industry and across technology and no matter what area of IT is your focus point you can learn a lot from it. So thank you again guys and really hope to see you soon!!!

Camelia Enderby, NYC Alumni

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Webinars & Workshops

Find out more about Cyber Security and Hands-on Hacking™ with our FREE sessions and live streams!

Interactive Webinars

Interactive Webinars

  • Ask questions and interact with Hacker House instructors.
  • Learn about Hands-on Hacking™ course and how it could change your career.
Hands-on Hacking™

Hands-on Hacking™

  • Learn hacking skills in real-time, get a taster of the course!
  • Get more information on the course & content!
Who is this for?

Who is this for?

  • Those seeking to get an introduction into the world of ethical hacking.
  • Those pursuing future employment or enhancing their existing skills at work

Join our alumni community. Hack the planet.

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