Exclusive Hacker House Products


  • Hacker House Stickers

    Hacker House Stickers

    $ 20

    Hacker House stickers sent in the mail to any address in the US! 3 x stickers, design varies, to address via USPS! free shipping offer restricted to USA only! Stickers also sent with all clothing orders from our store!

  • Hacker Manifesto Hoodie

    Hacker Manifesto Hoodie

    $ 84

    “Its the best hoodie you will ever buy. Full stop.” – C. Baker, UK alumni

    As published in 1986, “the conscience of a Hacker” is now printed on a hoodie – in binary code. Our students rave about its supreme softness, the iPhone pocket and the sleeve thumb holes.

  • ACAB Tshirt
    ACAB Tshirt

    ACAB Tshirt

    $ 45

    We design all our own art but sometimes re-use classic phrases. All Computers Are Broken!

    Exclusively sold right here at Hacker House, don’t miss your opportunity to wear one of the community’s favourite play on words. No sold in an incredible glow in the dark print!



Coming soon

All Computers Are Broken

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