Hacker House training: What is it and who is it for?

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If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many unfilled jobs in cyber security, why Information Security roles pay such high salaries, and why cyber-attacks are getting worse and more prevalent, we have the answer:

There are too few highly trained, capable and confident cyber security professionals in the workplace, largely due to inadequate traditional information security training, which is:

  • Often Outdated, based on reference material that’s over 10 years old in some cases
  • Prohibitively expensive, making it inaccessible for many students and nonviable for companies to scale security teams
  • Impractical. It’s inconvenient for businesses to lose key staff for a week of off-site training (not to mention expensive), and inconvenient for students
  • Theory-heavy, dry and too corporate. It fails to attract the raw cyber talent who tend to thrive in the ‘doing’ of cyber security.

Hands-On-Hacking as the solution

Hacker House created a solution to bridge the skills gap in cyber security; Hands-On-Hacking. This 12-module course, delivered both online and via intensive in-person classes, gives IT students and existing InfoSec professionals cutting-edge cyber security skills by approaching cyber security in a new practical orientated way.

Why take Hands-On-Hacking?

  • Learn attack and mitigation techniques. Students learn the exact same attack techniques that malicious hackers are using right now, so that they can build better cyber security defences for their employer
  • Purple teaming skills. Students learn how to think like their attacker improving their skills for blue team and defender roles as they learn how the adversary thinks and behaves.
  • Practical, hands-on-training with a focus on real-life situations. Real learning happens through practice. Whilst students will cover essential theory, the focus of Hands-On-Hacking is to engage students by having them solve real problems in sand boxed virtual environments, and have fun through CTF competitions.
  • Economical and scales. We believe in breaking down barriers to entry in the Information Security industry, that’s why our online training is one of the most affordable on the market
  • Convenient. Our online training can be taken on student or staff’s own computers, and completed in their own time
  • Continued learning and support: students get access to the course for 12 months and join our exclusive online student forum
  • Taught by world-renowned cyber security and ethical hacking expert, Matthew Hickey. Hands-On-Hacking was built by ethical hackers for ethical hackers. We know what makes you tick, how you like to learn, and what assistance you may need to apply your skills in industry.

Who is Hands-On-Hacking for?

Hands-On-Hacking is ideal for existing industry professionals as well as IT students with an aptitude for, but not necessarily experience in ethical hacking.

Information Security Professionals

Unlike the traditional IT paradigm, which divides IT professionals into blue or red teams, Hands-On-Hacking gives professionals the skills used by attackers allowing them to perform both; in other words, purple teaming skills. With Hands-on-Hacking, professionals learn how attackers are targeting systems, giving them a unique perspective for system defence:

  • anticipate attacks
  • patch vulnerabilities before they are exposed, and
  • catch, contain, and patch breaches swiftly

In this way, companies are able to reduce their reliance on external penetration testing by at least 90%, and benefit from having internal staff who are highly versed in effective practical cyber security. Purple teaming skills are in high demand and extremely short supply – there are very few training platforms which offer to develop skills to the extent of Hands-On-Hacking. Professionals that complete Hands-On-Hacking will not only find themselves more effective at what they do and able to offer, but also command higher salary.

IT students

At Hacker House, we champion talent, regardless of background or education. Hacker House has spent years working with talented hackers, many of whom do not have a GCSE to their name, let alone a degree. We also know that many talented hackers struggle with knowing how to articulate their skills and enter the workplace.  At Hands-On-Hacking Live, we will help you with both.  Not only will students learn industry-leading ethical hacking skills from Matthew Hickey, if you are based in the UK you will also be eligible to enter into a work placement scheme which we have organised with DCMS. If you have a talent for cyber security, IT or hacking, this course is for you.

If you have a talent for cyber security, IT or hacking, this course is for you.

What’s Next?

To find out about more about our online training, click here.

Occasionally, we also offer intensive, in-class training where students benefit from in-person mentoring from Matthew and the Hacker House team. To find out about our next forthcoming in-class training, click here,