Training with Hacker House at Grimsby Enterprise Village, UK, March 30th – April 2nd

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Train in-person with Hacker House at our 4-day intensive workshop in Grimsby’s Enterprise Village, UK this March 30th to April 2nd!


Our live training in Grimsby is a four-day, classroom-based training taught by world-renowned cyber security expert and Hacker House CTO, Matthew Hickey. Students will be led through Hacker House’s cutting-edge 12 module ethical hacking course, Hands-On-Hacking, in a live classroom environment. All participants will have the unique opportunity to ask questions, receive feedback, and clarify issues directly in-person with our instructors, providing sharp, accelerated learning. Beyond the four days of intensive in class room training, students will receive access to our on-demand portal, giving them access for a further 12 months to study the Hands on Hacking labs and modules in their own time. This is really important for our students as an extension of the course in classroom, as it allows them more time to effectively apply and retain the highly sought after skills we teach.

Learning in classroom is very effective as you will have access to instructors, able to ask questions, and be amongst other peers studying the same subject. Having said that, being able to continue to study that curriculum at home, at ones own pace, is also equally effective. It allows our students more time to grasp the concepts we present. We champion both styles of learning as an effort to encourage our students to maximise the techniques and new ways of thinking that we teach. We have found that by incorporating both ways of learning, students will benefit greatly by being in classroom and interacting with our instructors, as well as allowing them the time to “soak up” these skills as they continue their independent studies.

In other words, what students fail to grasp the first time over the course of four intensive days with extremely technical curriculum, is then extended to them for an additional 12 months to maximise their retention and application of these skills. Once a student finishes the course and gains our certification, either in class room or on-line, their encrypted certification code can be shared with one of our placement recruiters who will work one on one with them to help place their skills into industry, gaining employment. The certificate program we have built is designed exclusively for our UK students who pass the course (within the 12 month timeframe) to also have the option to join a work placement scheme, organized by Hacker House and the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport [DCMS], to help them secure employment within cyber security in the UK.

Access to the online course mirrors the learned classroom material, reiterating the skills we teach to help students gain full advantage of the opportunity for re-taking modules and deepening knowledge. Students who attend the classroom course will also get access to the other advanced features we are currently working on as they become available, to add to the educational experience. Hacker House is working to make live our Capture the Flag (CTF) hacking challenge game in addition to the course built around a Cyber Range concept to further knowledge of system vulnerabilities and deepen student knowledge, our community forum is available where students can engage in online chat with other students and trainers, a live jobs posting board will be coming in 2020, alongside our referral system that will pay out to all students who want to refer us to other like-minded individuals.

Who’s it for?

Our 4-day intensive training is ideal for existing information security professionals as well as IT students with an aptitude for, but not necessarily experience in, cyber security / ethical hacking.

Information Security Professionals

Unlike the traditional IT paradigm, which divides IT professionals into blue or red teams, Hands-On-Hacking gives professionals the skills used by attackers allowing them to perform both; in other words, purple teaming skills. With Hands-on-Hacking, professionals learn how attackers are targeting systems, giving them a unique perspective in system defence:

  • anticipate attacks
  • patch vulnerabilities before they are exposed, and
  • catch, contain, and patch breaches swiftly

In this way, companies are able to reduce their reliance on external penetration testing by at least 90%, and benefit from having internal staff who are highly versed in effective practical cyber security. Purple teaming skills are in high demand and extremely short supply – there are very few training platforms which offer to develop purple teaming skills to the extent of Hands-On-Hacking. Professionals that complete Hands-On-Hacking will not only find themselves more effective at what they do and able to offer, but also command higher salary.

IT students

At Hacker House, we champion talent, regardless of background or education. Hacker House has spent years working with talented hackers, many of whom do not have a GCSE to their name, let alone a degree. We also know that many talented hackers struggle with knowing how to articulate their skills and enter the workplace. At Hands-On-Hacking Live, we will help you with both.

Not only will students learn industry-leading ethical hacking skills directly from Matthew Hickey in Grimsby and get a further 12 months online to complete the course for certification, you will also be eligible to enter into a work placement scheme which we have organized with DCMS. If you have a talent for cyber security, IT or hacking, this course is for you.

Why training with Hacker House?

The cyber security industry is facing a critical shortage in skills. Traditional InfoSec training isn’t helping, often using outdated material in a dry, theory-based approach. Instead of letting the industry bang its head on the wall, Hacker House built a solution; Hands-On-Hacking. This 12-module course teaches students a complete range of commonly required cyber security skills that enable them to deliver effective defence against ever-increasing cyber threats.

Hands-On-Hacking teaches students:

• Practical, hands-on-training with a focus on real-life situations
• 12 modules covering everything from VPN Attacks and the Art of Password Cracking to Database Security and Ethics.
• Cutting edge attack and mitigation techniques. Students learn what techniques hackers use so that they can build better cyber security defences for their employer

When and where

The live training takes place from March 30th – April 2nd 2020. The venue is The Enterprise Village in Grimsby, UK. Spaces for our live training in Grimsby are extremely limited, so we strongly advise booking early to avoid disappointment. Students can book via this link. Don’t forget, all students attending our live training in Grimsby will also have access to the online version of Hands-On-Hacking for 12 months.