Hacker House goes to Hollywood!

05.07.2018 by

OK, so actually the team went to Universal City for the ISSA-LA Summit X…[but close enough! ☺️ ]

USA based Hacker House Corp. sponsored the ISSA-LA chapter Summit X event at the Universal City Hilton in Los Angeles, California.ISSA-LA is one of the best attended and interesting mix of industry professionals in southern California. Hacker House sponsored the keynote speaker Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank entrepreneur and CEO of cyber security provider Herjavec Group, in the final keynote of the three day event.  The keynote was very inspiring to listen to and made everyone in the room very proud to work in information security. The entire three days were a mix of training, lectures, interactive discussions and pitching: a thoroughly well executed,  professionally produced, and over all welcoming event.

When we arrived, Alyssa Christine from Table and Cloth the company managing the event greeted us immediately. She showed us to our table and allowed us to set up. Hacker House sponsored the Women in Technology Panel discussion on day two and this followed up with a two hour Opening Party cocktail reception on the terrace of the Hilton in Universal City. It was such an incredible atmosphere; a mix between professional and local, friendly, faces. All the members of the ISSA-LA chapter were very welcoming and encouraged our team to come back to Los Angeles.

Richard Greenberg the president of the ISSA LA chapter quotes “ ISSA Los Angeles just recently finished up with our 10th Annual security Summit. As has been the case in each of our nine previous years, we have exceeded our expectations, joyfully. We have prided ourselves not just on our incredible keynote and session speakers, many who have been Keynotes at events around the world, but our openness, diversity, and encouragement of all types of business partners. 

This year we welcome the number of new young startups, some of whom will probably become successful solution providers in a very short time. We look forward to Summit XI, coming next May to the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica, Ca. We hope the two full days of training and two full days of Keynotes and sessions, as well as the abundance of Security leaders, will encourage all people associated with IT and Infosec to attend.”

We particularly enjoyed the ISSA-LA Summit X on the second day of the event as we got to expo in the main hallway of the hotel. It was great to spend the day speaking to all the attendees and understanding their security needs as companies. We really made sure to take notice to where corporations were lacking in terms of professional services needed to keep the company secure.

The team were especially intrigued by one of the vendors words: “ If you can identify the gap in the market where real skill, real skill is applied, we absolutely need you here.“ He told us.

Hacker House is that real skill; developing real talent is everything our company has been built on. We target corporations who are looking to skill up and train their teams, as well as those companies who need to hire an adversary to think as an adversary to thoroughly test their machines, their networks and corporate infrastructure.  Corporations need more then your average cookie cutter penetration testers; they are looking for more then another “information security consultant.” The team of Hacker House are those skills that everyone is looking for. We go out of our way to make sure every system we work on is compromised – as you deserve to know , down to the core components on every machine of where your potential attacker may strike.

The community of information security Los Angeles is a thriving, growing market and one that is particularly exciting for us. What has been such an amazing part of Hacker House’s journey as a company has always been our sense of community. We were really happy to come to Los Angeles, be apart of the ISSA-LA event and find another community to which we could join. We will continue to sponsor a few upcoming ISSA-LA dinners and chapter monthly meetings. We really enjoyed the ability to participate in the event and thank all the volunteers, particularly Richard and Helen for all  their help in bringing us on board. Thank you to Alyssa from Table and cloth for her ingenious creativity and wonderful professionalism through out the event.