Hands-On Hacking helps students maintain CISSP

03.08.2020 by

We are delighted to announce that students of Hands-On-Hacking, Hacker House’s flagship online cyber skills course, can now claim 28 CPE (continuous professional education) credits from ISC2. CPEs earned from Hands-On-Hacking can be put towards all ICS2 certifications, including CISSP, which is widely regarded as the world’s premier cybersecurity qualification. This makes Hands-On-Hacking ideal for information security professionals who want to maintain CISSP certification as part of their on-going security work, since the latter requires students to earn 40 CPE credits every year.

Hands-On-Hacking teaches information security professionals the very latest attack and mitigation techniques through engaging lectures and practical application via the course’s exclusive lab, which enables students to practice their skills in a virtual, sandboxed environment. The course comprises 14 hours of in-person / online video lectures (divided into 12 modules) plus 14 hours of lab work, and is usually split over four days, however students do have the option to complete the lab work at their own pace in order to fully digest the material. Graduating Hands-On-Hacking students are awarded a certificate from Hacker House, and are subsequently able to claim CPEs from ISC2. ISC2 is an international, non-profit membership association for security leaders with more than 150,000 certified members worldwide. It is known as the world’s leading cybersecurity professional organisation, and provides eight industry-leading qualifications covering cybersecurity leadership and operations, cloud security and authorization. To claim CPE credits from ISC2, Hands-On-Hacking graduates (those who have successfully completed the course and passed each of its 12 quizzes) must email their Hacker House certificate to ISC2. Hacker House will then validate the claim with ISC2 to confirm CPE eligibility.


With this in mind, there has literally never been a better time to take Hands-On-Hacking. In addition to claiming 28 CPEs from ISC2, students that sign up now can take advantage of our live online training, where they will be guided through the course by course-creator, Hacker House CTO, and world-renowned cyber security specialist, Matthew Hickey. The live course is from 24th – 27th August 2020 (9am – 6pm EST) and can be joined via the training page on the website. We have sent discount codes to our newsletter subscribers which can save you on the cost of our course! Subscribe to receive future offers and get the latest discounts if you have missed out! If you are looking for new opportunities with your CISSP certification, you can search for roles on Jooble.